Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Wedding Phoenix part 2

Can you imagine trying to find a wedding venue for a 100 guests that would permit amplified music and an outside caterer in a beautiful outdoor setting with only 6 days notice?

It's easier when you have a very public, lock-tight sob-story and when 70 of your closest friends are calling in favors and dialing phone numbers on your behalf. Still. Nothing was working out and everyone was getting quite anxious. Friends and family were streaming in from across the country and across the pond. The pressure to find a new location and continue with preparations was reaching a fevered pitch.

Thursday morning, I got a twitter from the groom. Angel Island was back on! Unfortunately, parts of the island were still smoldering and access to the island would be extremely limited. There would be no opportunity to schlep cumbersome items to the wedding site on Friday. This meant canceling the rented tent pavilions, and the second generator. There would be no dance floor, no fairy lights. It would not be possible to transform government grade bathrooms into clean and luxurious powder rooms equipped with full length mirrors and actual soap. The ceremony would have to be conducted in the same area as the reception, so there wouldn't be an opportunity to have a crew set up the picnic while the guests attended the ceremony.

There's an old saying about the best laid plans...

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